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Today we introduced a new brand, Address-Free Shipping, and Shyp for Recipients. Learn more about it on our blog: http://blog.shyp.com/introducing..., and join me for my Product Hunt LIVE chat at 10am Pacific: https://www.producthunt.com/live...
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@kevingibbon Got my name @sol all locked up!
@kevingibbon How common are reoccurring shipping recipients at Shyp? I mostly use Shyp to send out stuff I've sold on Amazon and Ebay, but guessing that might not be the most common usecase for you guys.
@jeress actually very common. But I do see in the future that you could potentially send to a username even via a platform like ebay/etsy. Marketplace selling is our fastest growing use case. Gifting still remains very strong. Especially during the holidays which are coming up :)
@kevingibbon ooo, interesting. I'm sure those partnerships take a while to hammer out but I agree that I'd love to not have to double-check that I entered the buyers address from Amazon Marketplace 10x before submitting to Shyp.
@jeress @kevingibbon we have some really cool stuff coming out real soon to address issues like this.
@kevingibbon "Starting today, you’ll never need someone’s address to send them something again. " -- powerful. This address free shipping will make Shyp even better. Looking forward to the AMA!
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Shyp released a big update and added all new ways the product works. Im a fan of Shyp and their service. Check it out.
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Like a Hosts file for the real world.