Use one nickname for all your social networks.

Shuuka is not a social network! Our project consists of facilitating the links by using a specific name for all social networks.

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Hi there, Brazilian here. You should perhaps consider rethinking your product's name, since in Portuguese there is a word with similar pronunciation called "chuca" and a bad conotation (
@aviggiano Thanks for the advice, we will speak internally about that
Wasn't there some products like this years ago and died?
@huangdun I didn't find anything similar to this product. The most similar is and doesn't resemble anything to our product. If you know of a similar product, please send me the name. Although similar products appear, our product is quite easy to use and useful. With your feedback we will continue to improve the product
@huangdun @giulio_michelon We have a totally different concept. I think they did not understand well for it was earlyclaim. That there is some similar company and she does not say anything bad about the idea, how important is how the idea is worked out. Example "Nokia had very good phones, until apple came out and it was better." And Nokia did not break as Earlyclaim. What sets us apart from earlyclaim is, that we do not reserve any name in other startups. We use redirect to send the users to the corresponding address. Apart from that, we want to focus on providing good statistics to users, so they know what happens in your account. Our purpose for the future is to facilitate anything where multiple accounts are needed. Sorry for my English. is not very good.
@alex_zaccaria hehehe, similar yes but not the same concept :P in shuuka we have a short url for the profil and for each network. In shuuka you can search registered users. In shuuka you have a ranking of users. In Shuuka you also have a QR code for the user's link. and if you enter and register you will see the other differences.
If you can get a short url version of this I can see it getting very popular (e.g. Instagram doesn’t allow direct links to socials such as Snapchat on your profile but using this would make it work)
@maxly_ thx max, nice feedback. I'm almost sure that we implemented a short url
@crowx oh if it’s already there that’s great. I didn’t see it while I was browsing briefly but I’ll take another look
@maxly_ no sry. We still don't have the short url. We integrate it in the next days
@alex_zaccaria looks but is not the same :). Shuuka keeps things simple. In your project I don't see something that is more important than drag and drop. the redirect to the links without having to enter your page. We already have it :P I'm glad they're there, competition is good for projects.
Simple yet very practical for everyday use. Any questions at all please add them to the comments!
Shaka, when the walls fell
@wuss sry, but what do you mean?
@wuss @edwardvasquezdr It's a Star Trek: The Next Generation reference. In the episode "Darmok" the phrase "Shaka, when the walls fell" is an expression of frustration at failure or defeat. Your product name sounds like the first word in that phrase.
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