is great for booking a holiday but it's way too pushy. This extension shuts up.

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When trying to book a holiday for the end of 2018, I got annoyed with how pushy is. Every listing is filled with anxiety inducing messages to force you to make a fear based decision. I wanted my first project of 2019 to help reduce that anxiety!
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@rikschennink Thansk Dude ❤️
Great idea! I actually wrote a blog post about this a while back. Here was my screenshot:
@dannychickenegg I'd love to read the entire blog post
@adaptive @dannyaziz97 Sure! It's written for our community of Airbnb/VR owners on Smarthosts:
You should probably register :)
@itshogg Haha I might do
@itshogg @dannyaziz97 2 more people are looking at this domain name right now 😉
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I was literally making a booking there a few days ago and kept thinking: if only I could make it shut up. This is perfect, thank you.