Ready-to-cook ingredients delivered same-day (London only)

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Hi guys, I'm one of the founders. We pivoted to this idea from a startup called Parsly while at the Ignite accelerator. We offer one recipe a day, with the ingredients and instructions delivered before you leave work. @simonRedwards and I hate shopping in supermarkets, which is the core reason we started this. Everyone who signs up through PH gets a free meal! (if in our delivery area). Would love some feedback on the concept, the site and our meals!
Awesome service, used several times during their trial as part of Ignite. Feel they've nailed a genuine consumer problem, rather than produce a "nice to have" offering.
Looks great, congrats on the launch. So we tried the whole ingredient delivery thing a while back with our company Feast. The logistics were a nightmare, I can only imagine that same day delivery is even more of a nightmare. How are you managing the storage and delivery process? Happy to chat if you ever want a brain dump of what didn't work for us. Out product is still going but we moved away from delivery and just focused on online education.
@DavidSpinks Hi David, thanks! We realised from the start that logistics would probably be the hardest bit. Everything is designed around making this scalable; we deliver to offices, which gives us clustering & referrals. We only do one recipe a day, which greatly simplifies prep & storage. And finally, we deliver between 4pm and 7pm, meaning we know exactly how many bags are going where in advance. This all works in theory, but we're doing our best to also make it work in practice :)
Really like the look of this @Rbilgil! What sort of menu planning will you be using? I see this service as potentially catering to multiple markets, and I'd definitely be curious to learn about new cuisines/cook things I've never heard of.
@willimholte Hi Will, not sure why @RBilgil hasn't answered you but I'll try. The menu is actually a difficult but very important issue to get right! Londoners, for example, have different tastes and expectations than those in Newcastle (where we started). We're still experimenting with our recipes to find that sweet spot between too exotic ('I have no idea what that is') and too plain ('I already cook that often'). Your curiosity to learn about new dishes is certainly one shared by many of our customers, so I think we have a duty to keep things fresh and interesting.