One recipe a day - order by 3, ingredients delivered by 5.

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Shuttlecook solves the big problem; 'What's for tea?' - we offer one recipe a day, and deliver all the ingredients portioned out to your work in time to take home and cook.
@frumpy Hi Adam, my apologies for the delay in response. To answer your questions: 1) We charge £10 for two portions - all the ingredients you need to feed two people. Our average revenue per order is slightly lower at the moment though as we've been giving offices promotional codes etc. 2) We are familiar with a few e.g. Sprig and Blue Apron, as well as a couple of competitors here like HelloFresh and Gousto. We differ by offering only one choice - thus removing choice paralysis (it's just yes or no now) and by providing the whole experience from text to delivery in a matter of hours. 3) To launch additional cities will be a matter of repeating the 'playbook' from the first. We expect that on top of basic logistical staff, each 'hub' (new city) will require only a couple of people to set up and run at profit. 4) Cost of goods - at the moment we buy at high-street prices and still make gross profit of around 50% - though we still have to cover packaging/wages etc on top. 5) We have acquired customers through Twitter, Facebook, flyering and from walking into offices and introducing ourselves! 6) There are two of us at the moment and we believe we can deliver 20-30 meals per day, assuming some clustering (when we deliver several to one office). If the majority of our deliveries were clustered then probably more - but less if they were individual and miles apart. Edit: Forgot to mention; we're nearing capacity at the moment, so looking at hiring imminently.
@simonRedwards 1) what's the cost per meal? 2) are you familiar with companies in the US trying similar portioned delivery?how do you differ? 3) what's required to launch additional cities? 4) what is your cost of goods? 5) how are you acquiring customers? 6) how large is your team and how many meals can you deliver in a day?
Just to clear it up, by 'tea' we mean dinner! In the north of England people say 'tea' to mean to same thing.