Shutterstock Reveal

Find images online to reveal a match on Shutterstock

A Google Chrome extension allowing users to pick any image online and find a similar photo, vector or illustration within Shutterstock’s collection of more than 190 million licensable and ready to use high-quality images.

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This feels very Pinterest-y!
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@rrhoover Hi Ryan - Thanks for viewing our new Chrome extension. Our goal is to help consumers and businesses find licensable content on Shutterstock from wherever they are. Our research found this was the best way to provide a tool without taking away from Google’s experience.
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Hi Product Hunt! I helped to build Shutterstock Reveal to enable anyone to find the images they need while they're browsing the web. We know that inspiration can come from anywhere and this Google Chrome plugin is designed to seamlessly integrate to your workflow and give you quick and easy access to one of the largest and freshest collections of images. The plugin is available in 21 languages and we are constantly working to improve the visually similar results through our custom built computer vision technology. Try it out and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Thank you.
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I've been testing this on a range of images with really great results. I love not having to think of search terms any more!
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This is great!
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This is great. How can I use it to find video footage?