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@siobhana tell us about some of the updates that have been made to Shutterstock Editor!
Hey @katesegrin, I'm one of the developers on Editor. Since last time on Product Hunt we have added a ton of new features and have seen strong adoption trends. Everyday we see people creating slide shows, advertisements, book covers, as well as quickly cropping and downloading Shutterstock images. Since last time we have: - Upgraded the filters you can apply to images - Let users upload their own images - Allowed for designs with multiple images - Save your designs! This feature was a long time coming and took a bunch of behind the scenes work. We are excited about it! - Text styles can now be applied to text selections instead of whole text boxes - Dozens of templates are now at your disposal as starting points for designs - A fun ability to crop images in different shapes. - Amazing professionally curated backgrounds for creating your designs - You can post directly to Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest It's been an exciting year and we have lots more coming in 2017!
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Very cool product & compliments to the dev team there. I really like the workflow efficiencies of tapping into shutterstock's massive library to quickly customize a post for social. I see your team is using React, do you all post any dev related articles with your experiences building this product with frameworks like React? Good luck with '17!
Now, the image background removal tool is available too! https://www.shutterstock.com/exp...