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Brian Lovin
Brian LovinHunter@brian_lovin · Product Designer, Facebook
I've been on a good photography kick the last few weeks, especially around sunrise. This app is super helpful for finding and tagging the best places in your city to get great views/photos - well done @ay8s!
Tiffany Zhong
Tiffany Zhong@tzhongg · @ZebraIQ (gen z), ex Product Hunt
@brian_lovin let's go shoot!
Tom Moor
Tom MoorHiring@tommoor · Building Abstract
Think of ShutterSpots like Yelp for photography locations. This could be hugely useful if you're visiting a new city, I always find myself googling for top 10 lists of photo spots so something directly made for this purpose is ideal... Really needs a nice community to get started, right now most of the spots are in and around San Francisco. I hope that PH provides a nice diverse seed of initial locations :)
Andreas Kambanis
Andreas Kambanis@andreaskam · Founder of Nibble Apps
Love this idea! Thanks Brian for sharing.
Andrew Yates
Andrew YatesMaker@ay8s · iOS Developer at Buffer
@andreaskam Thanks Andreas! Would love any London spots you're fond of! :)
Matt G.
Matt G.@iwaffles · Building
I found a lot of use for Shutter Spots. I think the thing I like the most about it is when traveling. It'll help you find cool places to not only take a photo of, but great places to visit, too :) Very useful for traveling and I'm excited to see even more content appear from a bigger community! Great work @ay8s!
Rahul Chabukswar
Rahul Chabukswar@rahulc_23 · Founder, Phontabulous, Inc.
Nice UX. I found only one spot near San Jose, probably because few users here and not much activity. How do you plan to solve this chicken egg problem
Andrew Yates
Andrew YatesMaker@ay8s · iOS Developer at Buffer
@rahulc_23 Thanks! Definitely could open up the distance a little in these early versions. I'm hoping over time more spots will be added, I also plan to get in touch with well known photographers who may not have time to add their own spots to feature their favourite locations. Certainly a tricky one to solve. I have also thought about using Flickr/500px/Instagram as a source of spots, for instance using a hashtag on Instagram to add a new spot or finding popular shooting locations from Flickr to pull in. All that said it does add alot of complexity and possibility for duplicates.
Rahul Chabukswar
Rahul Chabukswar@rahulc_23 · Founder, Phontabulous, Inc.
@ay8s @rahulc_23 Thanks, Andrew.