SHUFFLUP Crypto Market Sentiment Index is world's first cryptocurrency market index. From now on you don't have to follow all the coins' price changes to judge whether the overall market is bullish or bearish, rather just follow SCMS Index.

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Sromana MukhopadhyayMaker@sromana14 · Co-founder, SHUFFLUP
Hello Product Hunters, First of all, thanks for being such a welcoming and the most unbiased community in the tech world from gender equality perspective. Today we are introducing world's first cryptocurrency market index - SHUFFLUP Crypto Market Sentiment Index  or simply SCMSI. The preface: The traditional stock market has Dow Jones Index to monitor the market health but we noticed that our own crypto world doesn't have something like that. People generally use Bitcoin's price as market health indicator, whereas more than 50% market is dominated by altcoins. Hence we have developed a market index which takes into account the top 100 coins(based on market capitalization) and gives index points which indicates the market health.  The execution: We have used price-weighted method, the same method that is used to calculate Dow Jones Index. The divisor gets adjusted whenever a member(or constituent) i.e a coin or a token gets changed in the top 100 coins list. It means simply because a new constituent is getting added, this should not justify high value variations in the index. Hence just before the new constituent is introduced, a new “calculated” divisor value should be introduced and we just did that. This is very important because the list of top 100 coins keeps changing very frequently so our algorithm should be self-adjusting. The value of the index is calculated every 5 minutes and always done so taking into account the realtime top 100 highest marketCap coins. The ADD-ON: A free embeddable website widget! Be among the first few to try it out! The Funfact: From now on you don't have to follow every coins' price changes to judge whether the overall market is bullish or bearish, rather just follow SCMS Index. We hope this would become the benchmark for crypto market analysis in the coming years! Any feedbacks/suggestions woould be highly  appreciated and always welcome. Wishing you all a happy International Women's day! We dedicate this product to all those amazing women who stand up for themselves and to all those men who think women are no less than men in the tech world.  From, The SHUFFLUP Team consisting of two women trying to make traders' lives hassle-free!
Antônio Guilherme Ferreira Viggiano@aviggiano · Entrepreneur
Hey nice product It's nice to see new crypto indexes showing up, but I didn't quite understand how the SHUFFLUP is calculated. Perhaps giving a concrete example with numbers would clarify it a bit. Also, it would be nice to include the calculation method on the website.
Sromana MukhopadhyayMaker@sromana14 · Co-founder, SHUFFLUP
@aviggiano Hi, Glad that you liked it! Our index uses the same method as dow jones and I would explain a bit here. Also I would add the detailed explanation in the website as suggested by you! Suppose Price of Coin A = $10 Coin B = $20 Coin C = $30 So initially the index would be = (10+20+30)/3 = 20(correct index). After 6 hours the price of B becomes $5. Now our index is = (10+5+30)/3 = 15(correct index). It reflects the market health correctly as it shows the market is down. Now after 6 more hours, Coin B loses it's MarketCap and as a result it is out of the top 3 list and is replaced by coin D with $40 price. So now the index is = (10+40+30)/3 =26.67(wrong index). Our index should not increase just because a new constituent(coin) got added to the list as it does not reflect the correct market health. So, we would adjust the divisor. Now the new divisor would be (New price summation/last known correct index) = (10+40+30)/15=5.34 The adjusted divisor = 5.34. Hence the new correct index would be = (10+40+30)/5.34 = 15(see just the inclusion of new coin didn't change our index which means our index value is correct). Our algorithm automatically adjusts the divisor whenever there occurs a change in the top 100 coin list! We take the price of top 100 coins based on MarketCap for our index calculation. I hope I was clear in my explanation, if you have any further questions please feel free to ask me.
Antônio Guilherme Ferreira Viggiano@aviggiano · Entrepreneur
@sromana14 Thank you for the thorough explanation, it makes sense now!
Afanasiy Savvin@afanasiy · CEO @ Placr
Hey! Happy International Women's Day! Great product, love it!
Sromana MukhopadhyayMaker@sromana14 · Co-founder, SHUFFLUP
Hi @afanasiy , Thank you. Happy International Women's Day to you too!