Track arbitrage opportunities for all exchanges and cryptos

Shufflup is a go-to platform for all Cryptocurrency trading information.

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Hi @sromana14 what I like about your platform is the simplicity of the layout, and the use of colour to denote changes in the market dynamics. Please tell us more about this project - why you decided to do it, and what you have planned in the future? Thanks!
@abadesi Thank you so much for hunting our product and liking it. As a team of traders we realized that as there are more than 8000 markets available worldwide, there should be some handsome arbitrage opportunities. There is a huge price difference between different exchanges trading same currency pairs but no software seems to address the opportunity. Hence we decided to solve the problem ourselves and dedicated ourselves to building a platform where people can track all the buy rates, sell rates and arbitrage opportunities(which are independent of market volatility) for different coins in different exchanges. The idea came to realization only three weeks back and we launched it only with Ripple. During these 3 weeks we saw some great interest in the product and received more than 50 email registrations for arbitrage alerts and many personal thank you emails for creating such a tool. Since then we added three more coins based on user recommendations and created a newsaggregator for exchanges which we thought would be very useful for traders. Future plans: With more than 1500 coins, 8000 markets and 200 exchanges around there are thousands of arbitrage opportunities available. We plan to include each of them and it's computationaly very costly so we plan to charge our premium members for access to all the arbitrage opportunities. A premium member will be able to customize arbitrage alerts based on their preferred coins and exchanges. Some of the arbitrage opportunities will always remain free for any person visiting our website. In the future we see Shufflup as the go-to platform for all crypto traders around the world. We sincerely hope you enjoy our site and any tips and suggestions are highly appreciated! A gift for the Product Hunt community: whoever registers with us using Product Hunt link will receive 40% discounted price for the first two months. Thank you.
“Arbitrage Opportunities after Trading Fees” — that’s brilliant!
@codecamcode Thank you for the feedback.