Watch random episodes from your favorite TV shows on Netflix

#5 Product of the DayMarch 03, 2019
This is Shufflix. Select the show and you'll get a random episode from your favorite TV shows. On your phone, it'll open the Netflix app automatically, so you can cast it to a device nearby right away.
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Hey there! I had this idea while spending a lot of time deciding which episode I should from The Office and Brooklyn Nine-Nine. A simple feature that Netflix should have bult-in, so I decided to implement it myself. There are a few services out there, but most focus on giving you a random movie/episode from a genre, which makes sense if you have watched the whole series, but given how extensive Netflix's catalog is, you'll probably get something you never watched before. Hope you find it useful!
Nice ! Is it also possible to watch the next episode on your platform or do I have to go on Netflix?
@christian_twizere you have to watch it on Netflix. Clicking “Watch this” will open the Netflix app when using Shufflix from your phone. This way you can easily cast to any device nearby.
This is really helpful! Even tho there are tons of movies you can watch but sometimes and sometimes you just have no idea what to watch