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The easiest way to discover video on the web.

Shuffl TV is the easiest way to discover the latest & greatest videos from around the web. A simple, cable-like channel guide of curated video playlists covering the most popular verticals from News and Tech, to Comedy, Food and more. Just lean back and enjoy.
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Good morning Product Hunt from Los Angeles! My name is Matt Krandel; I'm the co-founder of Shuffl TV. Today, there's more high quality, engaging videos published to the web than ever before. Yet, it's never been harder to discover the best new videos you should be watching, or consume these videos in a lean-back, convenient way. That's why we built Shuffl TV. We use a combination of humans and algorithms to curate the latest & greatest videos from across the web, and organize them into topic-based channels, providing our users with a simple cable-like guide of curated video playlists covering the most popular verticals from News and Tech, to Comedy, Food and more. Shuffl TV is completely free, and updated every hour with the best new content you should be watching. We're trying to deliver an experience that's as simple as cable TV, with the diversity of the web's content, and the flexibility of a playlist. All without the endless scrolling, subscribing and searching that define today's online video experience. We're adding new channels every week. If you have any recommendations or other suggestions about the platform, we'd love to hear from you ( We hope you enjoy Shuffl TV and we can't wait to hear your thoughts on it! Thanks! Matt
How often do you update the channels
@katie_newman Each channel is updated at least every hour with fresh, new content. We're also adding new channels each week.
How can I use this product to help me find new stuff to watch?
@jessica_brandvein_palans Just like traditional Cable TV, you select what type of videos you'd like to watch from a list of channels including Top News, Late Night TV, Sports Food, Science, Tech and many more). After picking a channel, you're then brought right into the first video in a curated list of the latest and most popular content for that channel. Unlike with linear TV, if you don't like what's on simply skip to the next video. It's really as simple as that. Idea to make it extremely easy to discover new content without having to follow so many different accounts, but also create a lean-back experience that you might have on at work or while cooking dinner, etc.
Really good start. I love concepts like this that allow me to just quickly flip from topics/channels as a way to quickly discover interesting content. I'm sure you've seen I use them quite frequently. One thing I like about them is they have non-conventional topics. Kinda neat to browse that way. I also use to catch up on latest news/late-night shows. I like that you can fave shows/channels/topics you like and will prioritize those. I dig the idea of filtering out content like the trump toggle thing. Looking forward to seeing how this evolves. Congrats and good luck!
This is awesome. Is there a way that I can embed it in my website?
@new_user_4d93c34de7 Thanks Cheol! I would say the easiest thing to do would be to link back to our platform.