Uber for family commuting

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Jeff Morris Jr.
Jeff Morris Jr.HunterHiring@jmj · Revenue Products at Tinder
Why is this concept interesting to me? It's pretty simple. My younger brother is a freshman in high school and currently has Uber on his home screen. I asked him if this is normal, and he commented that all of his friends have Uber - and that parents at his high school love setting up their children with accounts. While this might be a very Silicon Valley thing to give your child, the concept makes complete sense. If a company can create a brand as the "family friendly" network for on-demand and scheduled drivers, it could be a very interesting play. Would you trust your high school child with an Uber account attached to your credit card? Would you want your high school child riding with an Uber driver or would you prefer a more curated group of drivers (teachers, babysitters, etc.) Many interesting things to think about with branded "Uber like" companies - and some cool opportunities here.
DAVE MORIN@davemorin · Entreprenuer
Does anyone know who is working on this? Can't figure it out from the site.
Andy Cook
Andy Cook@andygcook · Cofounder -
@davemorin The cofounders are listed on AngelList - Nick Allen - CoFounder at Shuddle, CoFounder at Sidecar Rodrigo Prudencio - CoFounder Shuddle. CEO of Hara Software. Partner at Nth Power (VC)
Jesse Middleton
Jesse Middleton@srcasm · VC @Flybridge. Co-founder @WeWorkLabs.
The market for up and coming parents (those who are creeping on 30 and getting ready to have kids in the next couple of years) are a prime target for startups today. Only a year or two ago, no parent would want their kid requesting a car and hopping in with a stranger. Now they've got Uber or this newcomer, Shuddle. There's such room for innovation around parents dealing with babies (diapers on demand), toddlers (toys on demand), pregnancy (ice cream on demand)! Can't wait to see what's next.
Spencer Schoeben
Spencer Schoeben@netspencer · College dropout working on something new
The ability to schedule rides is particularly interesting.