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Hi everyone, I'm shu, founder of shubaloo. I love live music and am trying to make the very best discovery experience for that. Depending on where you live, shubaloo can find hundreds or even thousands of upcoming concerts for you. As you browse, you can listen to full tracks from headliners of the shows. If you leave it running in the background, it turns into a radio playing only music from upcoming concerts matching your current filters; try this on a few of your favorite venues or on a genre-filtered concert listing. You can do all this without ever signing up. And once you do sign up, you can track events to build up a sharable personal calendar and you can follow your favorite artists, venues and friends to know everything they're up to. I'm a new entrepreneur launching my first product and am really looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say. I'm also blogging at if you'd like to follow along with this startup journey. Thanks! Thanks @christiancooper for submitting this, glad you liked it.
Super awesome web app that got banned by Reddit this weekend.
Nice find. I just discovered Gramatik is performing this Wednesday in SF. I saw them at Coachella last weekend. Great stuff. I'm a big fan of Jukely (especially their Unlimited subscription service) and Bandsintown for local concert discovery.
@rrhoover I especially like the design here. Makes a huge difference.
@rrhoover Awesome, so glad to hear that you've already got some value out of using us. I'm a big fan of jukely and bandsintown as well. Jukely is doing something very different and I've had my eye on it for a long time. Shubaloo and Jukely can end up being very complementary and I hope it takes off. Bandsintown is another fantastic product which I've tried out for years. However it's very focused on tracking and push notifications and really doesn't have a great browsing and discovery experience and that's actually true for almost all the big concert apps out there. That's why I set out to do this, to fill that gap of a great browsing and discovery experience around live music.
probably doesn't matter at this point, but any chance I can get the title changed to "Discover great live music around you"?
Great project from @tweetinshu, pretty useful for concert goers