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Bartek Nowakowski
Head of Growth & co-Founder @ ScreenSHU
Hi Guys! I’m co-founder of SHU - software that allows you to capture and share game screenshots in less than 0.3 seconds - and that’s just the beginning. We decided to build SHU based on ScreenSHU - a screenshot tool we created more than 4 years ago and forget about (no development, no housekeeping, no marketing). 6 months ago we checked the ScreenSHU stats and we realized that we have over 65k daily active users and 80% of them are gamers (mostly on browser f2p games). So we went and found a VC who backed us with 500k euro and we started working - our target? - the easiest and fastest full screen screenshots for all PC games, with the ability to share them in less than 1 second - and after rewriting the application from scratch… we did it! Right now we are working on scalability of our infrastructure, fixing bugs, and adding new editing tools. In the close future (~2 months) we will be adding “VideoSHUts” - by pressing one button, SHU will record the last 15 seconds of your gameplay and upload it to our cloud servers (without any impact on game performance) - from there, you can share it on youtube, facebook or simply by sending a link. Our aim is to create a new format - “Twitch for the masses” - a format that allows regular gamers to save and share their best moments in the easiest way possible, without spending lots of time on configuration, capturing or editing. A format that your friends can consume in just a few seconds (compared to hours on Twitch or minutes on Youtube). To celebrate the SHU launch, we are giving away a lifetime PRO account to all users who sign up before the end of March. PRO account is not fully defined yet, but will probably include: An unlimited number of VideoSHUts in Full HD; The ability to download your SHUts and VideoSHUts, without watermark, to your drive; Automatic sync-up with your youtube / facebook account. As we are at the beginning of our journey - we would love to hear your feedback. So c’mon - SHUt Your Play! :) Cheers Bartek
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