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Shryne is a social A.I. service that offers social data archiving and pioneering social health analytics.

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Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆
Pretty interesting concept — to capture all the [digital] memories (chats, photos, emails, etc) from your relationship(s) in a private, person-centric archive. The demo archive is a little forced, but kind of gets the idea across... the visual display could be a little richer IMO, but it's a good start. Feel free to use my referral code when you sign up (or not, that's cool). From the press release: Shryne Ltd is proud to announce the release of Shryne iOS, a powerful digital archiving tool for personal relationships. By importing data from text messages, Gmail, Hangouts, Facebook, Instagram, and other key channels, Shryne organizes a user’s social world one relationship at a time. Shryne users are able to create an archive for every relationship that matters to them – friends, family, acquaintances, partners, and even exes. Every conversation is synced into one chronological and searchable feed. Users can filter each feed by channel, date, and favorite conversations. Shryne also offers a Freeze Archive feature to temporarily hide emotionally charged content. Shryne believes strongly that relationship archives should be filled with memories, not marketing. As a result, Shryne is committed to an ad-free experience that focuses on nostalgia and emotional decluttering. Shryne is built for privacy: archives are securely encrypted and inaccessible to anyone but the user. Shryne delivers its services without selling, sharing, or seeing user content.
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