ShrinkIT v2

Shrink your videos for better engagement.

Long YouTube Videos? Shrink your YouTube Videos and save time. Make the community better by creating & sharing Short-form Videos.

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YAY first! Pros Great name. Awesome interface, now let's create something...Oh my...What have I done❓❗ Works well on Key & Peele shows. Great for getting the basic points of educational videos and eliminating word fillers or jokes we don't want to hear. Cons Doesn't work on anime videos... (You made a senpai cry) and other cartoon videos. On your website, your CONTACT US page should have a form on the page to fill out. Not send me to a URL of _________ Will shinkit in the future do Dailymotion and Vimeo videos as well? Will there be an option in the future to hold and select (with a mouse 🖱 ) words you only want to be said, instead of half sentences & full sentences? If not, it's no big deal.
@calicom @jessehojjensen Thank you so much for your time and inputs. Sharing it with my entire team, who made this happen.
Hello folks, Let us know if you guys have any questions.
Do share your feedback with us folks, would love to hear from you.
Hello folks, please do share your thoughts and comments on this product. Would be a great help.