Beautiful glitch art wallpapers for your iPhone is a place where you can explore contemporary digital culture through exclusive wallpaper collections

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Hello everyone! My name’s Max, I am Creative Director at Surf and creator of Shredr. Shredr is glitch art influenced mobile wallpapers gallery. It helps you to change boring smartphone wallpapers to beautiful pieces of contemporary art. Use Shredr from desktop or from your mobile device, listen to our music mixes to explore glitch culture and we got some crazy apparel coming soon. You can ask me any questions related to this art-project.
@sbkwsk neat content, and thanks for the new wallpaper 🙂. Looking forward to the apparel.
@cameronrohani thanks a lot! We're working hard to make it happen ;)
@sbkwsk I can't imagine printing any of these patterns on apparel to be easy, what type of printing are you planning on doing?
@cameronrohani that's why we aren't shipping any yet. There are few ways to do printing and we are working out which will be better for us.
Using Shredr you can choose and download glitch art wallpapers from the desktop or right from your phone. There's also glitch music playlists section. (I realized this isn't apparent: click on an image to download the wallpaper.)
These are pretty funky! Visiting the site on my phone and clicking the PH one (obv), but having trouble downloading/saving the image
@bentossell Hey Ben! You just scroll through the website till you'll see the picture you like. Then click on it and then click download on the showed up modal window.
@sbkwsk I did that but this is what I saw... then I click download and this shows up...
@bentossell wow, that's not the image you should get. Our fault. Already fixing
@bentossell Here you go, fully functional now :)
@jm0rr1s Thanks, stay tuned for upcoming music mix and new wallpaper collection
Love this! Will definitely try it out!
@umarirshad Thanks a lot, we appreciate it. New update is around the corner.