Shred Video for iOS

Make movies for Instagram, instantly.

Hi Everyone! I’m Mike Allen, one of Shred Video’s founders. We built Shred Video for iOS to make it easy to share movies on Instagram. So often we want to post multiple videos and photos to Instagram, but stitching them together into a single movie is so much work. Shred Video for iOS helps you immediately get a mobile-sized edit, so you can pack your entire weekend, event, or night on the town into a single movie without any work at all. We designed Shred Video for iOS to be super simple and easy to use. We’d love to hear from you what kinds of features you’d like us to build next to help you make better movies to share with your friends!
@michaeldouble How does this work different from Flipagram - which allows me to do similar things.
Shred's app for iOS takes the same amazing tech from their desktop app and puts it on a mobile phone to make perfect Instagram videos at the push of a button. Just pick up to 15 videos/photos from your phone and a song from Soundcloud or iTunes, and Shred instantly turns it into a music video that syncs the action in the video with the beats in the music. It's drop the mic amazing.
Really cool guys - just tried it out with a #tbt video haha. Love the insta and SoundCloud integration... would be useful if I could save the video to my Shred Video account so I could see all the shred videos I've made next time I open the app
@davecyen Thanks Dave! Yes, building your Shred account next up on our list! Will get you on our beta to see how well it's working for ya!