Shred Video

Turns GoPro footage into cinema-quality movies in seconds

#4 Product of the DayJuly 21, 2015
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I got to see a demo of this tech a few months ago and it's probably one of the most impressive things I've seen in years. In one minute, it made a movie that would have taken me hours to put together in Final Cut Pro. Shred helps you spend more time capturing moments and less time in the editing room. Try it for yourself for free in the Mac App Store.
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Hi everyone! I'm one of Shred Video's founders. We endeavored to make Shred Video after suffering too many hours trying to edit surf trip footage into movies that were any good. We hope to make editing GoPro and adventure travel footage fun and painless, so we can all spend less time editing and more time living. Happy to answer any questions about Shred Video, or just talk shop about movie-making!
@michaeldouble This is amazing. I've been clamoring to build something like this. Even for myself. Can't wait to use this after my next trip. How do you gauge what makes a good video/clip?
Hi @pj_mukh thanks! Mostly we're looking for significant changes in speed and smoothness in the video. So when you go from rest to speed smoothly, there's a good chance that's an interesting action moment. Think dropping into a wave (surfing), bombing a bowl or half pipe (snowboarding), or descending a hill on your bike. When things get chattery or unstable, we try to cut those moments out.
@michaeldouble Amazeballs. That is exactly what I was envisioning. Can't wait to get my hands on this.
@pj_mukh awesome! get at me I'd love your feedback on the Mac app!
@michaeldouble any thoughts on repurposing for other vid types? I know one that took all the random footage of my kids and did the same would be interesting. Good work.
Wow, this is incredible. And I want to go surfing so badly now. Will definitely try this out.
@eglyman thanks Eric! YES, that's the idea. getting shots on video makes us all go a little bit harder.
Wish I could triple upvote this one! Shred Video is going to be a game changer - there are so many potential applications beyond extreme sports footage, although I love the app for that! In music, artists could make their own premium UGC versions of videos using live concert footage; in news, live or breaking news content can quickly be cut into useable / further editable pieces & packages. The AI / recognition capability will only get better with use, and over time... So excited for you guys! Kuddos!
@lejarvis Wow thanks!! LOVE your UGC concert application. Had this thought at a concert recently, where the band had something like 6 GoPros mounted on mic stands and instruments. Immediately thought, theres all this great footage on those cameras, plus all the videos concert attendees are recording from their phones. But who's going to edit all that footage?? We could feasibly use Shred Video technology take the best footage from the users phones + artists on stage, and put together a totally kickass montage instantly! And once cloud technology (basically upload/download speeds) gets good enough, could deliver that in realtime. Fun thoughts!
If this works like it says it does, this is absolutely amazing. I would love to see this expand to all types of videos like interview/Kickstarter videos which follow pretty consistent formulas too.
hey @blainehatab great thought! It handles use cases in this order: a surf trip w/ footage from board mounts, it's great. A snowboard/ski trip is pretty good. Most other use cases will require a small amount of tweaking to get the movie right. The video in media section^^ explains what this looks like, a minute of tweaking can deliver a pretty good movie from just about any footage.