Shred Index

Best ski resorts to live, work and shred at

A Ski Bum Index, Life Affordability and Comparison Guide
Similar fashion to Nomad List / Product Hunt
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Yo, what up Product Hunt team!!🤙 Tom here from Shred Index👋, What's Shred Index? This is a ski bum index, life affordability, and comparison guide similar to Nomad List, to help find the best ski resorts to live, work and shred. did this come about???🤔🤔🤔 I was 'chillin' in my car one day, being a typical dirty ski bum ⛷️ and listening to some podcasts 🎧(Pieter Levels and Alan Courtland on Indie Hackers in particular). When I heard Pieter was a junglist I was like wow this guy is cool (didn’t expect to hear a fellow junglist on this podcast😂). So, I decided to check out his product Nomad List. Coincidentally, I was also a (junglist)drum n bass producer🎛️ from a few years back and had just started working remotely as a web dev for a couple of months. Anyway, this idea (Shred Index) really spoke out to me. I felt like I needed to build this, for both self-development 💪(learning to code 🤓) and also because I wanted this product to available for myself and for some of my friends in the ski community. Even if this product isn't successful, it has been an excellent project to work on. I have learned so much from building this and I would also like to thank all the indie hackers out there that have been so inspirational. 👊 Big up yourselves!
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Good luck with this! I think something that was missing from my own Ski Resort List (RIP) was a community. Data +community = sponsors!
@petecodes Yea man, definitely need to get involved a lot with the community, i really appreciate you bringing this to my attention, along with the things you have mentioned 👊
Love this idea and would like to see more vertical specific products focused on activities for digital nomads. E.g. surf and work, house boat and work.
@rrhoover Those are some interesting ideas, I have never thought about living on a boat and working remotely. Would be fun!
Love the idea, I lived in Revelstoke last year and loved it but would have like that there were more digital nomads there to hang out with. The login with Google is broken, check that out
@xoel_lopez_barata Revy! Nice choice Xoel, I think if I were to do another season this year it would have to be Revelstoke also. I just been stressing hard about the google login, but can't get it to error out... wonder if anyone else if having difficulty with it? I'll have to investigate a bit more. Any-who, thats wicked that you are a nomad and hitting the slopes, would love to have a chat with you one day if your keen?
@thomas_andrew_hansen Yeah I'm down! Write me on Twitter telegram, same username (@xoelipedes)
This is awesome. Where does the data come from?
@a_kravitz Thanks Ana! The data comes from a whole bunch of different places, from the official resort websites to Wikipedia to the community themselves. I have had a few people help with filling in the statistical data, and made the subjective data available for anyone to add and vote.