Showzee for iPhone

Mini visual stories around your interests and experiences

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Hey Product Hunters! I’m one of the co-founders of Showzee and we’re really excited to share Showzee for iPhone with you. Our vision with Showzee is to create a social platform that brings people closer through the things they do beyond their screens. A place for people to connect with others who share the same interests & experiences and be inspired to do extraordinary things. Often a single photo on Instagram isn’t enough to tell the full story or give context, and long-form publishing on sites like Medium can be time-consuming. With Showzee, we wanted to create a simple and fast way for people to capture their interests & experiences and share them with other likeminded people. Showzees combine up to 10 photos, videos and text into beautiful “mini-stories” that are assigned to an interest category, tags and a location making it easy for users to find relevant content and people to follow. We are already seeing a wide variety of Showzees being created around everything from ice climbing to pizza recipes to the latest fashion accessories. We designed the app to be super simple, fun and visual to lower the barrier to creation and encourage both professional and amateur content creators. Would love to hear your thoughts and happy to answer any questions :)
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I love it for expressing my visual memories gathered from travelling around the World.
I see that you're trying to make a more indepth sharing experience - curious to find out how people are liking it so far?
@samir_doshi Thanks for your question! We're finding that people really love the ease at which they can wrap up their photos/videos into mini stories around their interests and experiences! We have a very active core base of users who endorse the platform in their own spheres and find it to be a very useful addition to their social media use. One of the aspects that attracts people the most is this 'in-depth' element you mentioned, the ability to share and connect with people around specific interests and locations :)