Visualize 100+ years of climate change where you live ❄️🌎🔥

Produces a ‘warming stripe’ graphic that's a visual representations of the change in temperature as measured in each country over the past 100+ years. Each stripe represents the temperature in that country averaged over a year.
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This is a really compelling and simple way to visualize how climate change has impacted where you live.
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This is propaganda.... Some of us know it is government based and started to get people to accept one day off a week. Sunday The Bible 4th commandment says the 7th day to be kept holy, Saturday. The world climate problem created by governments to push the world to observe Sunday. Why do you think the Pope is involved. First Sunday was called family day in Europe that did not work so now it climate day... Massive scale movement, while they push for Sunday observance, instead of renewable energy only. Don’t drink the kool aid...
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Truly magnificent! 👌 💯
A great tool that clearly shows that global warming is a real issue.