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Showtime is the live trivia game show with real cash prizes. Every day at 10 pm IST sharp.

Download the app and tune in it at 10 pm to compete in a live quiz with thousands of other players as our host takes you through the show filled with Bollywood, cricket and other India-related trivia.

It’s "Who wants to be a millionaire" from the future!

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Shobhit Bakliwal
Jipy Mohanty
Siddarth Chaturvedi
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  • Nikhil Jois
    Nikhil JoisCo-founder, Eventosaur

    Amazing questions and interface



    I've been playing the game from day 1 and have missed quizzes only when I was on a flight or delivering a speech. My entire team at Eventosaur plays every day and then discusses this stuff. It's become a bonding ritual of sorts. We've all won decent amounts of money as well.

    If you sign up, use my referral code to help me do justice to my addiction and yours. The code is 'jois' - we'll get extra lives.

    Nikhil Jois has used this product for one month.
  • Jipy Mohanty
    Jipy MohantyTinkerer

    Clean UX, questions are interesting, addictive for sure.


    Haven't won any games yet. :(

    Addition of video will definitely up the entertainment factor. It will also open up the possibility of digging further into the question and provide the larger context. Good luck to the team.

    Jipy Mohanty has used this product for one month.
  • Sachin Gupta
    Sachin GuptaCo-Founder & Head of Engg. @ Unacademy

    Simple clean and beautiful UI, Addictive, Great questions


    Not available on iOS

    I have been playing this game/quiz from a week and it is very good indeed.

    Live quizzing just gives you goosebumps and increases the excitement of winning.

    Sachin Gupta has used this product for one week.
  • Rishi Kulkarni
    Rishi KulkarniDirector, Product Management. Freshdesk

    I was among the first 20 players of this game. It has gone better and better every game. and Yes! I did win money. :)


    Well! run the games more often in a day. More opportunity to win hard cash.

    I've met the team in person. They are committed to build a great live gaming experience. I can't wait to see where this app is going in the new year!

    Rishi Kulkarni has used this product for one month.