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ShowTime empowers presenters. Don't just talk, Begin Interacting!
@jpvalery Thanks for the appreciation. We'll provide you dedicated online support before/during your keynote. Let us know when it's happening. You can pm me at vijayr at zohocorp dot com and cc anish.a at zohocorp dot com We have lots of new stuffs planned - watch out for the PowerPoint plugin. You can present right from within PowerPoint and still engage and interact with your audience in real-time. PowerPoint on steroids is how one of our twitter user put it :)
Looks really cool ! I have a keynote for the next WordCamp and I'll probably use that ! But I couldn't find any pricing chart and I doubt it's 100% free...
@jpvalery nevermind : "Free. For all. Forever."
@jpvalery You got it right "It’s absolutely free to use!" More at
@jpvalery so where do they earn money? Is users privacy guaranteed?
@auino @jpvalery Dunno. Maybe as a free service to hook you up for their other services ?
@auino : @jpvalery is right. Zoho offers wide range of online applications for SMBs and enterprises. With Zoho, you can run your entire business on the cloud. We have products under Sales & Marketing, Productivity & Collaboration, Finance & HR, Customer Support etc. You can check us out at We do a lot of presentations at Zoho, and we understand the challenge presenters – and their audiences – go through every time a talk is delivered. So we wanted to change the presentation landscape and build a solution that will forever change the way we deliver presentations and change the way we interact and engage with our audience. Zoho ShowTime was born out of this. We intend to keep it free for individual speakers. With regards to users privacy, we take our security very seriously. You can read our security policy here: . You can also read about our privacy policy here : For any more questions, feel free to write to us and we'll be happy to answer: security at zohocorp dot com
After testing out before my keynote at WordCamp Montréal, I have to admit that the tool although promising, failed to deliver the experience I expected. All custom fonts and graphs got messed up. My keynote looked like crap. I'll try with a workaround of having all slides as images. I'm on a MBP w/ Firefox + external screen and the display didn't really work - It's just FF going full screen. I couldn't find any "Support" or "FAQ", or send a ticket, or whatever. Felt abandoned. This should work out of the box, and if I need help, I should be able to find it. This being said, I probably won't use it live for a while.