Edit the "subject" field when replying in Gmail!

get it

When replying to an email in Gmail, the "subject" field is not displayed by default. Fix this with tiny ShowSubjectGmail extension. Tiny? Yes, it's only 2 KB!

Typical use cases:

* when you just want to change the subject when replying

* when you forward an email, and want to remove "Fwd:"



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joseph ernestMaker@josephernest · Say hello!
It's very basic and simple, but you do need it ;)
Nearly Normal@nearlynormal · If it goes without saying, let it.
Be nice to have it editable. Otherwise, it's kind of pointless as I can see the subject at the top of the conversation anyway..
joseph ernestMaker@josephernest · Say hello!
@nearlynormal It is editable! :)