Exchange your portfolio just by touching phones.

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This is an interesting application for this technology. I can think of many other applications for the touchless trigger on our mobile devices.
Hello Product Hunt. Thanks Isaiah for hunting us and PH for letting us get our app out there. We started Showcase with the vision of making it easy to exchange information and your portfolio really easily and staying in touch with people. Here’s a highlight of some of Showcase's cool features so far + upload your entire portfolio (images, videos, docs, code files, and more) + Just touch phones to exchange your portfolio + referrals: smart referrals from your contacts + simple, clean design highlighting profile pic, company colors and logos We have more in store and this is just the beginning. We're happy to answer any questions! Follow us on twitter at @showcasesupport Thanks! James
@jocean4 @showcasesupport presume you both need the app installed?
@aexmo Hi Alex. Yes. We're launching/partnering at events and conferences. Showcase will be downloaded prior to the conference and is part of the conference experience. People there expect to exchange their portfolio and our tech is 10x faster and easier to use than anything currently being used. Starting with power users and scaling up from there. That's the plan. Thanks for the question! James
@aexmo Events and conferences get deeper analytics about there event that they don't currently have and that's their incentive to use Showcase. We make an easy to use portal and they learn about their event and how to improve their customer's experience.