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Thanks for hunting this, @neerajt4! ✌🏻️💃 I built this for a very simple reason: showcase my Open Source contributions on my personal website ( ✨ While doing that, I realized there was no easy way to show a quick overview of all the contributions I have made to different Open Source projects over time. Hence I built 💥 Features 💅 1. All your Pull Requests grouped by repositories 2. Show the actual status of each pull request: open / closed / merged 3. Add ?response_type=json to consume the json response directly and build your own UI around it. Eg: Why you should use it 🤓 Once you have entered your username, the data is cached and refreshed every 24 hours. So, you can use your profile url as a permalink 🔥 So you can use it to link in your Resume/Portfolio or send it to any potential recruiters ⚡️ PS: The code for this is Open Source, ofcourse 😉
@geekykaran All the best! :)
@geekykaran How did you embed the Open Source contributions on your personal website?
@ishu3101 Hey Ishan! The section on my website uses the same markup and CSS as but is not embedded from it. It uses a hardcoded json file for now. Eventually I'm planning to allow embedding in some way but not sure how I would go about that. Meanwhile you can try using your profile link and appending '?response_type=json' to consume it for your use case abd build your own UI around it. Hope that helps!
Very cool! I was thinking about making something like this yesterday while working on a tool that also deals with GitHub (it cleans your old forks from an account) also on PH! Keep up the good work! Have you thought about private feeds with the input of a GH token displaying both public and private PR's for a user?
@braunshizzle I might plan showing the total count which would include public/private contributions. But I'm not sure how many people would like to show/share details of those contributions. Also there might be some confidentiality issues surrounding those. What would you suggest?
@geekykaran The option to add a password maybe or some way to protect the overview if there are private repo details displayed. Again just a thought as if I wanted a nice overview of what PR's I still have open (say to use as my home page in my browser or as a bookmark) I'd like to see both private and public. I agree with the confidentiality issues but if they provide you with a token with the knowledge that both public and private info will be retrieved I think they should know. Plus the option of some type of password protection or an expiry date on the dashboard may be ideal too. Again just a thought, there certainly is a few confidentiality/privacy issues but if you let the user know upfront and/or allow them to select show public, private or both, it's right their in front of them.
@braunshizzle Thanks for the ideas, Braunson! Let's catch up on twitter and I'll let you know once I have something related to that in place 🙌🏻
Hi there, the link in auto generated code in wrong! not `https://showmrprs`, people're sharing it, maybe you should fix it asap 😂 ``` 🚀 Woah! I have sent 235 pull requests to 57 repos 🔥 See your open source contributions here 🤓 #IHeartOSS ```
@shomin_sample Hey! Thanks for letting me know. This had been fixed now. Cheers 😎
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