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Curated recommendations from Tim Ferriss blog & podcast

We curate and organize all the books, products and films recommendations from the Tim Ferriss Blog & Podcasts

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this is fucking amazing
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Thanks for developing this website! Tim has great recommendations and I've always wanted a site like this! Is it hooked to Amazon affiliate so you get $ or is it through Tim's or none of the above?
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@jeffreybo Glad you like it! Effectively Amazon links use my referral to try to monetize it, this is my first time with Amazon affiliate system, so I'm not sure how this will work =)
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thanks for the curation, I really appreciate the effort.
You are a saint 🙌
Protip: Ferriss has two Ss. (I was like "Whoa cool! Is this an official thing? Oh no, definitely not, they misspelled his name")