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Show or hide the dominant color in your photo, like a pro

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Oooo as a complete photo-novice (Instgram's first filter is as far as I get) I always wondered how people do cool photos like this. Now I can too! @catehstn - tell us why you decided to build this? How easy would it be for someone like Instagram to add this as a filter option and does that worry you? Do you think the biggest adopter of this will be the Novice, Amateur or Pro?
@bentossell Why I decided to build it! Long story - started with a visualization I was trying to make, became a book chapter, eventually an app. I wrote a bit about that here: It would be pretty hard to add it, because it's not a filter it's a process. At a technical level, it's just a really different way to approach editing an image. Filters are about creating the right matrix, and then it's really easy to apply them and the OS does most of the work for you. The initial "working" version for Show&Hide took ~10 seconds to run, on a scaled down image. I did a huge amount of work to optimize it so that it feels the way filters feel, even if it doesn't work the way filters work. So I guess if they wanted to implement it they could read the book chapter (out soon, but I documented everything on my blog), and use the image testing library I open sourced ( I guess they would eventually figure it out? But I'm not super worried.
@catehstn Ahhhhh I see :) thanks for the explanation!!
@catehstn @bentossell This looks amazing and I have purchased! What a great idea!!
@glennf @bentossell (Next, do a really good tilt-shift simulator)
This looks superb. Another plus for the iPhone, us peons on Android will have to wait 😉
@fredrivett Android is in beta - if you're feeling brave you can have a go! Send me an email? cate AT accidentallyincode DOT com
Am I the only person who seriously dislikes these sort of photos!? As a very amateur photographer I love shooting in colour, or in black & white. But never, ever both!
@robbyedesign guess its different people different tastes :) Sometimes I see images that I think "stop trying too hard" but others look cool IMO!
@robbyedesign right there with you.
Really great work, Cate! Congrats.
Does anyone else remember this feature from back when people would buy Canon point & shoot cameras?