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While very different, this reminds me of the game you made shortly before we first met, @michaelsayman. 🙌🏼 What's the backstory?
@rrhoover So about 10 months ago, I wanted to make a sequel to 4 Snaps that I honestly felt it truly deserved, years ago. I never got around to it, so I figured, better late than never! There's a lot of psychology put into each of the steps in the flow and why you do one thing before another, how the timers work, and which way the record process works. While similar to my original game 4 Snaps from 3 years ago, it borrow a lot more from Snapchat's user mechanics than it does from the old Draw Something model of turn based gaming. :)
This looks super fun! Like a virtual charades. Love the design too!
Solid! Massive fan of the design here. Best wishes on the launch. +1 to Ryan's question. Curious to learn how this came to be.
Looks like I will get a lot of fun with my friends