Share temporary links with a shout

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Chad Etzel
iOS app maker
Hi all, I've been running for 5 years. It started as an idea at a hackathon; a group of us were sitting around a table and wanted a better way to share links to everyone w/o having to fumble with bitly links or having to know everyone's IM/email address. So, I whipped up ShoutKey as a quick way to share a link verbally using an English word as the slug. Fast forward 5 years, and it's getting a lot of use in classrooms, newsrooms, conferences, and hackathons around the world. 2 weeks ago I realized with iOS 8 extensions that I could make ShoutKey usable in any app that shares URLs, so I released a companion app. Aside from sharing links with others, I find it is a handy way to transfer URLs from my laptop to my phone (and vice versa). Happy to answer any questions :)
I can't believe I haven't seen this before! This makes total sense. Will definitely use it next time I have an opportunity to.