Shoutem v5

Create React Native, cross-platform mobile apps easily

A platform to build, publish, and manage native apps with ease. Build beautiful, cross-platform native apps with Shoutem and React Native in no time

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This looks dope. I'm kind of like... in disbelief that this level of execution is available on a platform like this.
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@chrismessina Thank you for your kind words :)
@rsekulic @chrismessina I feel you man! This looks SURREAL!! Definitely gonna give this one a try.
@jevinsew @chrismessina Thanks you, Jevin :) We'd love to hear your feedback.
@rsekulic @chrismessina I second this, this can't be real? Can it?
@efosaso @chrismessina :) It's real and after almost 2 years available for everyone to build exceptional native apps :)
Hello, Product Hunters! We're super excited to launch Shoutem v5 on Product Hunt. Thank you @chrismessina for hunting us. For the last 8+ years, we were on a mission to empower everyone to make great mobile apps. We finally found a way for developers, companies, and individuals with no coding knowledge to supercharge their mobile app development process. For the past year and a half, we've been developing a new version of Shoutem platform. We built Shoutem v5: a developer-friendly platform based on React Native, that allows users to create truly native and cross-platform mobile apps. The platform provides a complete development environment, tools, and freedom to change any functionality of the platform or create a new one. All functionalities are open-sourced so you'll never get locked in. With the complete freedom to modify or create new functionalities, dozens of integrations, hundreds of customizable layouts, CMS, we took care of the drudge-work and reimplementing common functionalities, allowing you to keep the focus on innovating the core of your application. You can use the platform as DIY app builder, to create an app without a single line of code, as we've already built most of the functionalities you'd expect from an app, waiting for you to plug them into your app. We prepared a special discount and limited-time offer for Product Hunters - 20% off on all of our plans for a year, redeemable in the next two months. To claim your discount, simply email our support team at with Product Hunt deal, and they'll apply a discount code on your account (we're still working on the implementation of promo code logic 😃 ) Thank you for checking us out, and we'd love to hear your feedback! Feel free to reply with any questions or comments about Shoutem. p.s. On the end of the video, it says to visit - we're in the process of migrating new website, so for now, please visit :)
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@rsekulic @chrismessina @shoutem looks like a cool platfrom. when I puslish the app to the app store, is it registered under southem developer account or my own? what if in the future want to replace the app with a unrelated custom made app i built later? also, can I download the source code of the app i built with the builder?
@gaaady It's registered under your own account and you can do with that app whatever you want - you can update it, remove it or replace it with a new unrelated custom app at any time. Yes! You can get the complete source code with "shoutem pull-app" command in our CLI tool. Read more here:
Bravo guys, outstanding product and presentation.
@dux, thanks a lot! We're glad you like it. :)
developer friendly is the way to go, shoot for the WordPress of apps! Good luck :)
Thanks, @marcbc, we couldn't agree more! Yup, that's something we had in mind - to become WordPress for native mobile apps.
@rsekulic Where do I get support for the developer version? The downloaded code is not running on my devices.
Wow, this is gorgeous and very well crafted. Congrats! I went straight for the developer "create your own extension" and the documentation looks to be on point and verbose, so thank you for that! Do you have any plans to try and get more developers to develop for the platform? Or is the focus right now not really on that and hoping for organic growth of developers?
Hi @kevinguebert, our plan is to create a developer community similar to the WordPress one. We want to open up extension marketplace where developers can share and sell their extensions.
@tomislav_tenodi Awesome! Can't wait to try it out 😎