Internal announcement platform for better knowledge sharing.

As a small distributed team we were finding that messages were getting lost in our slack channels and emails were ignored. We designed Shoutboards as an internal tool to keep all of us in the loop for announcements. It worked, so we're releasing to the public!
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As a distributed team we rely on efficacy of communication. We use slack and email primarily, but some information was too important to get lost in slack, yet didn't require a conversation like email. So we created Shoutboards and have used it successfully for about 5 months internally. It's the perfect place to share when split tests go live, when we sign up new buyers, product ideas, and just to stay in touch casually as a team. Shoutboards has been the app we use to feel more connected as a team. Being a separate program from Slack it has taken a more casual voice of its own, where Slack has felt more professional and limiting. We're just a bit more in-tune with what we're each working on and in turn the position of the company. Hopefully Shoutboards can bring your team closer as well. It's free to use unless you need more powerful features (like Slack).
@christopher_aplin Hi, I like the look of this. Is it possible to hide whos on the board from those on it? (does that make any sense?)
@edward1 Board members (who aren't admins) who __did not__ create a board do not have access to view users who follow a board. You can also create boards that are not visible to members who are not invited (checkbox in the board creation). That does give me the idea that it should be an option for board members to see who the other board members are, but that is currently not the available functionality! Thanks for checking it out.