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Hmm... interesting idea. Not for me I don't think. Something about recording my own voice and putting it out there for the world to hear in this context makes me feel a bit weird. "Just having coffee with my mate" Also when people quote others or something too. I just feel there is less friction and it's easier with text for this context. You can read it over and over, don't need headphones or anything to listen. You sound much more ridiculous voicing a quote in this way IMO haha. But then again Snapchat's success is all about people creating stories and incorporating voices. However, a lot of Snapchat's you'll see will include text. Maybe our way of communicating some things is just better suited to text, maybe it will change, maybe not. I'm interested to see how this sort of app is seen by others. For me personally, it's not up my street but keen to hear what others think
@bentossell I actually think it's a good idea. It depends on the time limit of a single record. Sharing interesting stories (15 min or more) would look a lot like podcasting. And podcasts are a thing again nowadays. It's not for everybody though :).
@bentossell Thank you for taking the time to comment. With shout you can choose to post voice, images, text or all of them. Shout lets you share your experience in the way that is right for you. We believe that when you experience something you'd like to share with others you want them to share your experience in a more vivid way than just text.
@daviddayag I see... so what if Facebook were to allow you to post an audio update? Where would that leave Shout? It being another social network, its a very competitive space. Maybe audio status updates will work. I'm not sure if we are ready as a community yet though. Podcasting is growing and the introduction of live-streaming and also collaborative podcast platforms may make people more comfortable with it but I'm just not sure we are ready. My personal opinion though, and mostly because I don't like the thought of my voice sending out updates in a news feed.
@bentossell, Facebook has its place just as Twitter has its place. Just because something so generic like Facebook already exist doesn't mean that nothing else will be useful to people. In the center of my vision is to create a different experience. To let you feel what the published felt at the moment he posted his Shout. As I mentioned before, shout can let you use it to post, to listen, to chat with friends and family in private groups and to share common interests in public communities. I truly believe that given the right momentum, it can and will transform to something very dynamic and interesting. Just think for example, reading an article and then listening to people's comments instead of just reading them. Shout let's you record 10 seconds of sound, so Shouts must be straight to the point. no bs.
@daviddayag yep totally not saying that there is no room for new things! But Facebook often implements new things for their status updates that perhaps they might add an audio feature so was curious :) I think it could be a really interesting platform, depending on how it evolves and how people use it. Like I said, I'm not so comfortable being a broadcaster yet - even on Snapchat and other platforms. I'm more of a lurker haha. Interested to see how this space evolves
Honestly? that's a really cool idea. People can do really funny and interesting shit. It's sounds like a media nobody really investigated enough, since you can do really different things using your voice only.
@almogbaku Thanks for your comment. Yes, this is the exact vision we had in mind when we started working on it. I'm glad you found it interesting as we did.
I like the idea. Is there any way to add effects to the voice I am recording?
@illaigescheit Thanks for the feedback. Yes adding effects to the voice is in the roadmap
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@jay_bee12345 Thanks a lot! I will look into it.
Personally I like this idea. I was an adviser for years ago and an avid user. It was one of the first audio social networks. I also used a lot which is probably your biggest competitor today. They have some big names and pseudo celebs using it. I also liked some others that have come and gone... audioboo for one... they pivoted into something else. Cinchcast ...later also dipped its toes in this space. I think I think it makes sense to go beyond just text or video. Audio (maybe with siri) would be useful. Especially when driving... for hands free connecting.