Instagram meets Yik Yak for location-specific sharing

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Hey all! My name is Charlie Mullan and I am the founder of Spangle inc., the company that created Shout. The idea behind Shout is to let users to create content that is specifically tailored to certain locations. That location can be as small as a house, your entire city, or even a city on the other side of the planet. We believed that in order to truly crowdsource location-specific content users needed to first be willing to create and share location-specific content. We do not think it is good enough to simply collect all the tweets from a certain area and and call it location-specific because there is no guarantee that content was created with those locations in mind. This is akin to collecting a persons Instagram photos and sending them to friends on snapchat. The content is technically the same medium, but is created and intended for very different audiences. It is our hope that by giving users the creative power to define the location where content is shared, that they will in turn be able to create and share new and exciting things! My team and I will be hanging around all day if anyone has any questions, comments or feedback! Happy Shouting! Charlie
Best social network that make you feel exclusive. Great work team!
@awaunder Thanks for your words. I'd be happy to find interesting use cases for you in your life as a fashion blogger.
No iPhone. Couldn't get hands dirty, but sounds really interesting!
@mohitmamoria sorry about that! :) If the reaction to the iOS version is positive we will follow quickly with an Android version as well.
@mohitmamoria Lets hop on call soon. Will discuss it more.
@misbahspeaks Sure. I'm hearing so many good things about the Shout that I want to go to some friend of mine who has iPhone, right now, and try it out.
@charlie_mullan That would be so awesome! Waiting eagerly.
@mohitmamoria Sure. Give it a try man.
Nice product!
@bvatere Thanks man for your kind words. I'd love to hear your suggestions from your side.
i've been testing the app with @misbahspeaks and it does have that plus point that makes you come back.
@veermishra0803 Yeah, trying to make do make it better and useful for the people around,