A marketplace to sell spots (in line, etc.)

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Hey everyone! I'm a member of the Shout team and wanted to give you an access code for the app. Enter: onthehunt - and you'll be good to go
Thanks, @WesMagness! I'm curious how you came up with the idea and what the most common or creative use cases you've seen from those using the app.
Hey @rrhoover- We came up with the idea at the airport. We needed to get home, as did everyone else, so we started to wonder how much we'd have to pay for someone's spot on the plane. It seemed silly to us that, given this machine everyone has in their pocket, we couldn't communicate with the people around us to see if we could make an exchange. We became obsessed with the fact that phones really could be a great medium for now-rare interpersonal exchanges: we kept talking about this idea of a virtual flare to let people know your individual valuation of a good had changed. The most common use cases have been for spots at restaurants (one's with and without reservations). The more creative use cases have been pretty cool. Someone asked for a tour at the Met and another user offered to pay someone $70 to prank his friend at work. We're considering a free option - so that someone can ask a stranger for a favor (crazy how difficult that is today). Thanks again for the post @rrhoover
Somewhat concerned about the name, there seem to be afew "shout" apps. Is this just a working title?
@WesMagness, Really love the platform, just signed up. Any plans to try and market on college campuses? I can see this working really well here (Michigan State University), as we need to wait in long lines for our college basketball and football games. Both games are first come first serve for season ticket holders, so people will camp out for over 8 hours on big game days. For example, this saturday for the UofM vs. MSU basketball game people will be outside for over 12 hours waiting. I am a season ticket holder and would gladly pay someone to wait outside in this brutal winter to guarantee me to good seats. It's just a thought, but I can see it working well when marketed towards college campuses.