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I've used Should I Sign for a couple of recent business documents and received great work for a very reasonable price. I would usually use the same lawyer for all things and would realize half way through that it wasn't their strong suit. When you go through Should I Sign, you get estimates from a bunch of lawyers that are experts in the area you need. Plus, their platform handles documents, conversations back and forth, phone calls, everything. It's a great experience all around.
Thanks for hunting @kristofertm! Our mission at Should I Sign is to create a better solution that helps individuals and businesses with legal needs find qualified attorneys in a transparent environment that provides price certainty, accurate billing, improved communication and centralized document/records management. Our marketplace is live and simple to use - just post a free request and get upfront pricing from multiple pre-vetted attorneys for all of your personal or business legal needs. Happy to answer any questions and as always, would love your thoughts, comments, suggestions.