Should I make this? is a site to build your pre-launch mailing list and get feedback on your idea before building. Post your idea and get feedback and early signups from the community.
Think ProductHunt for Ideas.
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I built this site because to solve my own frustration. I've always had fun hacking away at projects, but never really know what to build. Late last Friday night I decided to ask the internet what should I build. And, thinking it was funny to be meta, I asked if I should build a site about building sites. I told the internet (original Reddit post) that if I got 20 signups I'd build it over the weekend. Well, it took me a week, but I built it! I livestreamed the entire project on The next morning, I had 19 sign ups and began hacking. Let me know what you think! All feedback welcome. The two biggest cons I've received for the product so far are 1) people will steal your idea, and 2) that the audience isn't targeted. My answers are: 1) If you're worried about someone stealing your idea, you're worried about the wrong thing. Execution is everything. here's why. 2) Feedback is feedback! This can be more targeted with segmentation and groups down the line.
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Awesome product for makers and figuring out what to ship and what the customers want


It’s great for concept testing


Needs to build a bigger following and community

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Love it. It's serves a purpose akin to a preliminary Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaign. I frequently want to know what people think without having to fully flesh out an idea first.
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The idea is awesome! Have you thought about seeding it with ideas? Maybe using some kind of Twitter algorithm or parsing ideas from similar websites. It's difficult to get recurring visitors with only so much content.
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I’d also like to add that the most talented people in the world tend to have a continuously full plate and aren’t necessarily snooping around the internet seeking to steal ideas. Great stuff. Sign me up.
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