Should I get up?

To stay in bed, or not to stay in bed

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LOL. Look outside/at your weather app/ask Siri But people are obsessed with weather apps so.... I feel it should be a bit harsher.... its 2pm GTFO of bed!!!! haha
@bentossell haha yes it should! For me it was mostly about wanting to build something weather related, and looking for a source API to get the data from. The weather app competition is brutal ;-)
@ernstmul and everyone knows I'm not the biggest weather app fan ha!
@bentossell +1 for harshness. Sometimes we need a rude awakening.... lol
@ernstmul @bentossell Seems like something that would benefit from a tone similar to @CARROT_app
Hello there! Another side project of mine. Built it because I needed a none biased tool for this. You know the dilemma. It's your day off so you could stay in bed till lunch... OR you could get up early and venture out. Tough choice! So lets first check the weather!
@ernstmul Nice project :) Out of curiosity, what API are you plugged into for weather data?
@thibautdavoult thanks! I use openweathermap for the data!
Could you extend this and create 'Should I go to work?' :-)
A question we ask every day --- what a cool idea ... having fun using the platform!
Lol. Stay in bed of course !