Should I Exchange Now

Save or make money converting foreign currency.

Created for remote workers, currency watchers and travellers, helps save or make money when converting foreign currency. Know how much profit you can make over time and whether you should exchange right away or wait for a better rate.
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Hello everyone, I started this project as a solution to one of my own personal needs and also as a learning platform. As a remote freelance designer remunerated in different currencies, I can choose to keep the money in check until the exchange rate to my home currency becomes more profitable. All the tools I found out there require some degree of fiddling and calculating every time to know how much I can actually gain — I needed something more straightforward without getting into the professional trading rabbit hole. So I built this tool, which in theory sounded simple enough, but turned out to be quite tricky (for me anyway) to build, particularly with all the mathematics involved. Once I had a basic working prototype, I figured it might be useful to other people in similar situations. I worked further to simplify the UX and added several improvements that I thought would be necessary for public use, such as shareable links to specific conversions. Polished the edges a bit more and here we are, publishing my first project on Producthunt! There are many other bells and whistles I would add but for now, it meets my needs and I hope a few other people’s too 🙂 If you want to learn more about the project, I wrote a longer case study here: Feedback & ideas are always welcome and feel free to share with people you think might benefit! Finally, here are some bonus links to historical events told in currency: Has the British Pound recovered since UK’s Brexit referendum? The US Dollar during Barack Obama’s tenure as US president The US Dollar since Donald Trump was elected into the US presidency
Nice. Please add more currencies.
@mixet Thanks! Yes it’s def something I will do—any request in particular?
@mixet I added more currencies 😉
@brianlsf I think you should remove the first select with home currency. User can select the currency in the next "amount" select. It would be great to add a minus (-) next to foreign currency. Just thoughts. Maybe I'm wrong.
@brianlsf In the currency select, popular currencies should be in first place. (USD, EUR).
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