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should-i-cli came about when I was sitting in math class and wondering if I should ride my bike to work that day. Not really wanting to work on math, I decided to create a silly little CLI app that would answer any and all "yes" or "no" questions I had.

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Interesting! Is it fully random?
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@tcodinat there's actually two sources of getting an answer - one using YesNo's API ( and then an internal function that uses JavaScript's Math.random() method. So, however random those are is as random you'll get!
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You MUST now use NLP with ML/AI over a dApp on ETH to provide a thoughtful answer πŸ€£πŸ˜…#hype
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You could write this app in like two lines of code... Why put so much polish around something so dumb? A website, a node package? These screenshots? Sorry this is just silly. Good practice for building the site and creating a package and writing a command line app I guess, but um yeah, pretty useless app.


clean website


This is dumb