Should Have Been An Email

Let coworkers know anonymously that this meeting SHBAE

Should Have Been An Email is an anonymous tool that lets you FW your meeting invites to and shame the meeting organizer by letting them know that their meeting should have just been an email.

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Alternatively you could grow a pair and talk to them about it instead of being passive aggressive
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@scotty_bowler So, you'll use this service I take ?... Anyway. People should be able to make fun of themselves, take a step back and improve. The email service sends is very mild, it really should not offend anyone. It's about improving usefulness of meetings.
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@scotty_bowler Where is the fun in that.
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@fyishb I agree, it's funny in an April fools context, but this sort of thing in the "real world" just creates a lot of problems. As a brit (and as someone who has lived and worked in Liverpool - the piss taking capital of the world) we know how to poke fun at ourselves and have a thick skin. However, this is a really really horrible thing to send someone. There are enough stresses in the modern workplace without having to wonder who in your team sent this, what else they're worried about and whether the team as a whole is unhappy. Sure, it might create action, but it could also start a witch hunt. Knocking on someones door and having a frank conversation, a bit of a laugh and working together to find a solution builds relationships and moves everyone forward.
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@fyishb @scotty_bowler New app idea! Should Have Had The Balls. Personalized coaching to help you present your most authentic self in the workplace.
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Holly damn. Kristofer, thank you for hunting this. Did not expect. If anyone tries the service, and it is not working, feel free to forward email to, and I'll take a look at why meeting was not processed. Unfortunately supporting so many different combinations of calendars is not the easiest task (even though they are all supposed to be in the same format)
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