Targeted Imagery for Digital Marketing

Shotzr provides targeted imagery for Digital Marketers to drive engagement and increase performance across digital channels. Shotzr Engage is a platform built to provide unlimited access to targeted and local imagery for social posts, websites, blogs, emails, ads, and more.

Mark Lemmons
Roni Darling
Bradley Fischer
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Jacqueline von Tesmar
Jacqueline von Tesmar@jacqvon · Community at Product Hunt ⚡️
Hey @shotzraimee, @marklemmons & @frank_cardello, Love this idea. So do clients search photos that were taken in their area?
Frank Cardello
Frank CardelloMakerHiring@frank_cardello · Co-Founder, Shotzr Inc.
@shotzraimee @marklemmons @jacqvon, Thanks for the comment. Yes, that is a very common use case. You can search for a specific location, neighborhood or even enter a specific address and platform will deliver recent, local imagery. You can also follow photographers, locations, or specific hashtags and those images are presented in a feed for easy access.
Logan Boyd
Logan Boyd@mastemine · Graphic Designer and Photographer
How do you get these photographers to show their photos on your site? Are you currently taking more cities and more photographers, and do the photographers get a portion of the profits of each download or how does that get handled?
Frank Cardello
Frank CardelloMakerHiring@frank_cardello · Co-Founder, Shotzr Inc.
@mastemine Great question. Shotzr's sponsored photographers get compensated in a few ways: 1. Each upload earns points, as your photos are liked, shared and downloaded by our users - your points multiply. Points can be redeemed for cash or other rewards; 2. Paid Requests - when our clients make paid requests - contributors keep 70%, when Shotzr makes paid requests (typically when launching a new cities), contributors keep 100%. Getting sponsored is pretty simple - just add #myshotzr to IG photos that best represent your work ... and watch your DMs for an invitation. You can learn more about the sponsorship program at: We are launching new cities all the time ... if you're interested in becoming sponsored, check out the link above ... please reach out with any questions. Thanks!