Faster access to your screenshots on Mac.

Shotty is a simple Mac app that gives you access to your recent screenshots from the menu bar. Quickly drag and drop screenshots from Shotty into any application, easily Annotate screenshots, and more.

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4 Reviews5.0/5
Hey everyone, Shotty is a simple Mac app that gives you faster access to your screenshots on the Mac. I created Shotty to save myself valuable time in my freelance design work, and now I'm selling it in the Mac App Store. Now you can drag and drop your recent screenshots into any application directly from the menu bar on your Mac, without switching windows. And yes, it works with Dropbox :) Get Shotty now from the Mac App Store to get faster access to your screenshots and save yourself time.
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@_jacobruiz been a staple of my flow since I got the demo. Love the simplicity.
Thanks @kentf - glad you're enjoying it!
@_jacobruiz How does this compare to (what I use now for quick screens and annotating)
@_jacobruiz @scottjacques awesome screenshots is browser only, no?
@scottjacques I'm unfamiliar with that tool, but Shotty is a dead-simple way to to get super fast access to your screenshots. It's all about speed, focus, and simplicity :)
Only if I could upvote once more for the name :)
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I needed this. Great tool. Simple to use. Love it.
@gregghoush happy to hear that! Wanted to aim for the simplest possible experience.