shotsnapp is a simple tool to quickly create beautiful device mockup presentation for your app and website design.

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πŸ‘‹Hello everyone! Here is something I've been working on for the past few weeks. It's a simple tool for you to generate device mockup presentation for your design. You can use it to generate image for social media posts, Dribbble shots, share design with your teammates and many more! For now it comes with phones and browser template - more coming soon! It should be easy enough to use: 1) Drag your design into the editor 2) Modify the canvas color, device position, size and more 3) Download as image 4) ... 5) Profit! Looking forward to get comments and feedbacks from all of you!
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Update: πŸš€The most requested feature is now available! See my recent progress update: If you enjoy using shotsnapp, do consider getting me some coffee πŸ˜…
@gaddafirusli I've reached out to you via twitter let me know if you had a chance to see it :). Cheers!
Would love to see a transparant background option!
@azizfirat Thats the most requested feature so far. It's currently in progress πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»
holy shπŸ™€t! This might be the best device mockup tool so far!
@edwin_carbajal that's the reaction I'm aiming for πŸ™€
@edwin_carbajal this is exactly the same feeling I had about this mockup tool. Congratulations to Gaddafi.
Such a nice tool! But I'm kinda surprised that it only has around 200 votes where as screely which was launched few weeks ago has over 2.2k votes but almost has no features other than just one browser template with a color picker 😐
@biraj Haha I guess more people prefer it as simplified as possible :)
great to be able to export as browser mock as well as mobile in the first version - the future options look great too! I will definitely be using this!
@graeme_fulton I assume those two are the most common use case. Thank you so much for the support!