Shots for Android

Share what you're doing through selfies

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Shahed Khan
Co-founder @ Loom. Building for fun.
If you aren't familiar with Shots yet, it's the hot selfie app out in the market. I've been a huge fan of the app when they first launched for iOS. Shots is it's a bully-free photo sharing app. You can take selfie's of yourself (or of your cat) and share it seamlessly. Users can swipe to like a picture, and more recently, reply to other's selfies! Congrats @john & @sammy!
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
@_shahedk I love the direction @john and @sammy are taking with the app. It's not obvious at first but they've removed things like comments and follower counts to avoid bullying and feelings of inferiority that many other social products (unintentionally) create.