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#3 Product of the MonthJanuary 2019

Shots is a hand-picked collection of design patterns from mobile apps that you can transform into code with one click.

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Hey Product Hunt! I'm back! We've been working on this project all autumn long. It's called It's simple: import mobile app screen designs, trace them and export as code. **PROBLEM Creating ideas as quickly as possible to test, validate and iterate is essential to building successful products. The more time between the new ideas and the end users who use them; the greater the risk of failure. **SOLUTION A way to use computer vision to *trace* screenshots in order to get the front end code you need faster to complete developing your ideas. I've created a community driven roadmap which we will use to prioritize: If you have feedback or ideas, please let me know! Super excited for this one!
Looking forward to trailing this from a non-tech background πŸ‘ Looks like a brilliant tool to streamline the maker experience!
@lachlankirkwood Thanks! That is what we're after, helping people create and iterate faster
I've been looking all over internet to find this kind of product! NO CODE DESIGN!!!!! especially exports in HTML/CSS! I want to do quick web design on everywhere like sketch, figma, photoshop and all. This is really important in the design trend for 2019! Glad you guys made a good kickstart in January. Hope this product will be more recognize and more users will use. EVERYTHING NEEDS TO BE FAST! Because fast means money and quality too. ;) saves time. hehe.
@fajarsiddiq Thanks!!! I'm going to add figma to our community page ( where we are looking to upvote the best next set of features and deliver the best product we can. Really looking to understand how distributed the tools a team is using today so we can find best way to improve the value of Shots in-between those tools.
@wendyde03942462 AND ALSO!!! please do for responsive website. haha all i see is mobile/ios/android. YES PLEASE! figma. Because i'm a designer and i want to export quotes and just upload and see it live. haha

Its rare to find an app like this. Keep doing what you're doing!


This is a really useful app that I will be using soon. Straight to the point, simple. Beautiful UI. Thanks for building this!


None at the moment

Awesome work, is it possible to import artboards from Sketch?
@juanpablosarmi It's something we are working on for sure!