Screenshot manager for macOS

Shots for Mac OS is an utility for people who use screen grab feature of Mac OS extensively. Screen grab clutters your desktop and you lose important ones because of this mess. Shots was born out of necessity for our internal use.

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The price tag is nice, but I'm going to stick with Pixave and Ember for now...
@chrismessina Hello Chris, we are adding new features to it. Pixave & Ember (Discontinued) are really a nice option. Both are paid and over $ 10+, thanks!
Lovely app. But would be a lot more useful if it actually becomes a screenshot library app instead of the drop-and-inspect app it is now.
@t55 Thanks ton!
@arpand9 Any chance on the library function? Sure hope so. Wouldn't mind paying for that...
@t55 Not immediately. We are working on OCR features to make them indexable. We may use new Machine Learning APIs as well.
Very handy! Will definitely help me organise :D
Downloaded. Looks sweet!
@joshdance Thanks Joshua! Will wait for your feedback.
Awesome! Want to try it!