AWS for all warehousing and fulfillment needs. (YC S15)

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Hey I'm James, one of the co-founders of Shotput. Feel free to ask anything!
Go @theprafulmathur! We love the experience so far. Great way to set up a simple drop shipping operation to deliver thank-you gifts to our customers.
@theprafulmathur, what makes your system easier to use compared to existing solutions?
@mcasertaca Great question! Generally 3PLs and warehouses take about 10 days to just give you a quote and then another few weeks to on-board. Our on-boarding process takes about 5 minutes and afterwards you're fully integrated and ready to start shipping. We'll schedule a pick up time with you and pick up your products from the ports/manufacturer. We also have negotiated rates with carriers and pride ourselves in short customer-support response times we're averaging 15 minutes or less during our available hours of operation.
Hey Guys, I'm a big fan of anything that tries to raise the bar of the logistics industry - great work for tackling the challenge! With offerings like Shipwire established in the market already with access to the (massive) resources of Ingram Micro, how do you differentiate?
@robtregaskes Hey Robert, Shipwire's whole schtick is bringing the same processes large companies like Ingram and or P&G might use and apply them to small companies. The end result is good, but a pretty over-engineered solution that you end up paying extra for. We focus on simple pick and pack operations and avoid many of complex tasks that 80% of the products coming do not need.
Is there anyway to see what the service currently integrates with or details of the API?